Dhash at Finite Group, thank you for your help in assisting with my tax returns for the last two years. It was also identified that my previous accountant had made an error in my last tax return wherein I had overpaid taxes. We lodged a claim right away, and I received a refund on my overpayment. Thank you for your help. –C Cohen

As a small business owner, it was challenging to find the right accountant who could not only lodge my tax returns but also provide me with ongoing advice. The service I received has been top notch, and he does not shy away from answering my million questions. I will not hesitate to recommend Finite to my friends and associates for any accounting work. –Simone

We listen, We commit, We deliver!

The foundations of Finite are built to challenge the concepts of traditional accounting practices by providing innovative solutions and cutting edge advice to our clients. We believe that real value means superior service, a forward-thinking attitude and a relationship you can always rely on.

How do we differentiate ourselves?

Exceptional Service – We don’t rest until we are assured of your satisfaction.

Proactive Approach – We anticipate your questions before you ask them.

A Fair Fee Structure – Our rates are set competitively. Options include Flat Fee for service agreements as well as Value Pricing arrangements.

Advanced Technology – We use Cloud accounting methodologies to ensure the most efficient service to our clients. This has the advantage of expediting the process of sharing information, meaning less wait time to get the information you need.

Environmental Responsibility – We are committed to operating our business in a way which minimises the impact on the environment. We are passionate about running a paperless office, thereby reducing our carbon footprint.

All of our accountants are members of CPA Australia and registered tax agents to ensure that you have access to the best advice backed by one of the largest global accounting bodies.

What Next?

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Contact us to book your free consultation where we will evaluate your situation and get a full understanding of your requirements

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